How to form a grassroots group in your community
Interested individuals can contact WGN to let them know of your interest in forming a new grassroots group at this website. Stay tuned for more pointers on how to find other progressives in your community; how to develop a communications strategy; connections to make (paper, county supervisor, etc.); and more.

Empowering your existing grassroots group
WGN, grassroots groups in surrounding communities, and others have guidance and resources that can help you strengthen and grow your community’s grassroots groups. Start with this link to track them down, and stay tuned here for other links to more resources as we identify them.

Progressives seem to be so tolerant of others’ right to hold their own ideas and values that we fail to communicate our own. ‘Messaging’ means articulating your values and meaning in a way that is likely be be heard by your listener. Click here for skill-building resources progressives in our area have found helpful.