The work carried out by the Alliance is entirely performed by volunteers. We have no office or staff, though we dream of the day.  Costs are supported by voluntary contributions.

We are governed by bylaws consistent with those that would govern a 501(c)(4) organization, although we are not yet incorporated nor have we sought any specific tax status. We do intend to incorporate during 2015, although we have no plans to seek nonprofit tax status.

Our main activities are those related to our mission of facilitating coordination and communication among the progressive grassroots, such as maintaining this website. We support the activities of Progressive Partners, which holds quarterly gatherings at which progressive grassroots groups and individuals can meet face-to-face and network.

The Alliance is NOT partisan.  The Alliance is emphatically independent of any political party. In fact, a large proportion of the people who actively participate in grassroots work have made a clear personal decision to do that instead of working for a political party.

However, we do encourage each other and all citizens to get involved in politics and to work to make sure our values are reflected in our government and its actions. So even though the Alliance doesn’t endorse candidates or support any one political party, you will see individual participants using the communications network we provide to encourage other participants to work for or support partisan candidates or activities.