Steering Committee

Any interested person is welcome to attend the steering committee meetings. Typically, the meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday evenings of each month, 6:30-8 P.M, usually in a restaurant. Dates and places may vary, so check this agenda and meeting information for the next scheduled meeting.

You may also want to scan the notes from past Steering Committee meetings, or contact the Steering Committee with suggestions for agenda items.

Any progressive grassroots group operating within Columbia, Dane, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, Rock or Sauk County is invited to send a representative to the Alliance Steering Committee.  Individuals in the process of forming new grassroots groups are also welcome. Voting membership on the board requires your group to be:

  • Autonomous, i.e., not guided by any higher organization, such as a state or national organization, but sets its own areas of activity, priorities, and procedures;
  • Local, i.e., serves a community of people or a locality within CD2;
  • Civic, i.e., has areas of interest and activity that serve and are connected to the community; and
  • Multifaceted, i.e., does not limit its activities and interests to a single issue or topic.

In addition, voting rights on the steering committee require the grassroots groups to endorse the Alliance statement of progressive values.

Officers are:

Karen McKim, President
John Stanley, Vice President
Karen Edson, Treasurer
Paul Lindquist, Secretary
John Stanley, Advocate
Bob Crego, WGN Liaison

Grassroots groups participating on the Steering Committee are: