Guidance for start-up groups

By February 2016, we intend to have compiled a guidance package for start-up multipurpose progressive grassroots groups. On these webpages, we will preview the draft contents–and hope readers will contribute.

It’s not yet decided which content we’ll us in a workshop, in-person mentoring, written material, website, or some combination of those.

Current plans are to sort the collected wisdom of existing grassroots groups into five modules:

  1. Why form an ongoing, multipurpose progressive grassroots group? Check out the draft here.
  2. What decisions do we need to make first?  How often to meet? Should we have officers? How should we communicate?
    Check out the draft here.
  3. What should we do? Projects and activities that have been successful for other progressive grassroots groups…
    Check out the draft here. (add link)
  4. Building Relationships  with each other, with the media, with local officials…growing the membership…
    Check out the draft here. (add link)
  5. Useful Skills Running a meeting, using social media…
    Check out the draft here. (add link)

Help us out by using the comment form below to let us know your ideas: What is it that people should know when they start to form a new grassroots group, either from scratch or from an existing single-issue initiative like a referendum?