Form a new grassroots group

Organizing a local grassroots group can be very rewarding–many of us are pretty sure we’d be going crazy if we couldn’t connect with other like-minded citizens–but it can also be frustrating and a lot of work.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of having a local grassroots group and how to go about getting from here to there, please contact us. We will provide all the help we can in getting started. For example:

  • We have access to databases of people throughout Wisconsin who have expressed interest in the grassroots movement at events like the Wisconsin Grassroots Festival or through any of our affiliated websites. We might be able to put you in touch with someone else in your community who is also interested in starting a local grassroots group.
  • We have ideas for some attention-getting first events for your group to sponsor, and know of a few free speakers you could invite.
  • We have useful experience to share that might make some of the early decisions easier for you than they were for us–things like the pros and cons of having bylaws and officers; things to consider when choosing a regular meeting time and place; that sort of thing.
  • We can put  you in touch with people who can help you decide what you want in the way of an Internet presence (website, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc), and help you set it up. We can even give you a free unique URL for your website and email–so stay away from GoDaddy until you talk to us!
  • We can connect your new group into our growing network of mutually supporting grassroots groups, so that over time we can keep on sharing ideas, resources, and mutual support.

We’re working on a whole new package of guidance for forming a new grassroots group–it might end up being a workshop, it might be written materials, but we need input on the contents. Whether you’re a veteran member of a long-standing grassroots group ore someone looking to start one in your community, please check out these pages and let us know: Is this the sort of stuff people need to know when they are just starting to organize their community’s progressive grassroots group?

In the meantime, the Wisconsin Grassroots Network has some support and guidance for individuals who want to get a new grassroots group started in their area.