A new resource for content for your grassroots group’s social media

Here’s an interesting new resource for grassroots groups in Wisconsin, with news and other resources, such as political cartoons, that you can share through your own group’s social media.
The Commoner Call introduces itself: “(This website) will not only be a source for news. It will also be a tool for activism…If you have an event to promote, send us a press release. Got an opinion, send us a letter. Got a complaint, drop us a note. We will post Mondays and Thursdays. If there is a special event or an emergency or critical action that needs to be taken we will publish bulletins, as needed. We will be refining the web site as we go along.

There is no charge, membership or subscription for The Commoner Call. There is no paid advertising. Nobody is getting paid a dime. We will take no money. It is all volunteer. That makes us independent.”


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