All hands on deck to save the Constitution!

The extremely wealthy right has long wanted government to go away–or, in the words of Grover Norquist, to be so small you can drown it in a bathtub. Why do they want this? Because when they have destroyed the ability of the federal government to promote justice and the general welfare, they will be able to use their wealth and power freely in their own self-interest.

Their most recent strategy may be their most effective: A constitutional convention, controlled by Republicans, that will rewrite the Constitution to prevent the federal government to spend no more than it taxes, except for wars.

When the federal government’s role is limited to the military, they will be able to make what’s left of it serve their interests exclusively–buying armaments and conducting wars for oil and other resources they want to take. We will have no functional government left to stand in their way when they turn public education into a private profit industry, spoil any natural resources they want;  operate dangerous work places, sell dangerous toys and drugs,  control what we can and cannot learn about through the Internet, and more. They want to profit from whatever you’re doing, every minute of your day.

Amending the Constitution to enable this has been their dream for a long time. A balanced budget amendment–forcing the federal government to spend no more than it takes in, and maybe a few other changes, like making corporate personhood rights legitimate, would put them over the top. It would effectively destroy our right to self-government, and turn what remains of the federal government into a servant of the interests of corporations and the wealthy.

Yes, that’s what’s at stake in an Article V Constitutional Convention organized and run by Republicans. Common Cause is organizing the fight here in Wisconsin. Contact your state legislators today (both Senate and Assembly), and brace yourself for similar action in the future.

This looks to be a life-or-death fight for democracy. When they re-write our Constitution to serve their own ends, our options won’t be pretty.

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