Major Democracy/Election Justice Event- Milw., March 18-19

Did you know that counties changed their ward-by-ward reported election results by 17,681 votes in the recount? Yep, they did. In-depth reporting on the results of the recount is only one of the topics at next weekend’s Voting Justice and Democratizing Elections Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Union.  Join Jill Stein and national & state democracy activists for a weekend of information and organizing to protect our right to self-government!

Documentary director Jason Grant Smith will be on hand Saturday night to present his award-winning movie, “I Voted?

Plenary sessions will discuss the Recount and what we learned; redistricting; and campaign finance. Activists and experts will lead breakout sessions with topics, including:

  • Voting machine vulnerabilities and safeguards;
  • Verifying election results;
  • Updates on Voter ID action;
  • Racial discrimination in elections;
  • Corporate personhood rights;
  • Ranked Choice Voting;
  • Open Debates and the Influence of the Media; and
  • the Electoral College and the National Popular Vote.

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