Monthly Archives: November 2016

Build movements, not pipelines – Wed 16th – on campus

While Waters Protectors make their voices heard in Standing Rock, the UW’s Sierra Student Coalition is urging everyone to take the time to get educated about unique dangers posed by tar sands/fracked gas/crude oil, how the pipelines affect us, how we can help, and how the situation in North Dakota relates to Wisconsin. It hits closer to home than you may know.

Support the students by joining them to hear passionate speeches and participate in an informative movement-building event on Wednesday evening, Nov. 16th 6 – 7:30 PM, 180 Science Hall 550 N Park Street in Madison.


6:00 – Intro to Pipelines: Elizabeth Cameron, Sierra Student Coalition Chair and UW Student
6:15 – Lessons Learned From the Frontlines: Stories from UW Students in North Dakota
6:30 – Line 61/66: How North Dakota and Wisconsin Relate
6:45 – Q&A
7:00 – Take Action: Cassie Steiner from Sierra Club Wisconsin