Monthly Archives: February 2016

3 things to do on Tuesday: 1) Vote; 2) Call friends to make sure they vote; 3) March for voting rights- State St, noon

The Supreme Court primary on Tuesday is predicted to have very low turnout–near 10%–so every vote will have more weight, and it is within the realm of possibility that we could knock the partisan candidate out of the general election if enough citizens show up to vote for the nonpartisan candidates. So vote tomorrow and don’t take it for granted that your friends and neighbors are voting–call them and ask when they are planning to vote.

VotingRightsMarchAnd then, use  a late lunch hour to support civic-minded UW students in a march for voting rights they will be leading down State Street to protest the impending passage of a bill partially designed to make it much more difficult for voter-registration drives.

The students will gather at 12:40 at the campus mall by the Student Activity Center  to march to the Capitol to observe the vote on SB 295, and have invited others to join them.  They will march to the Capitol to observe and protest the Assembly vote on this bill at 1:00.  There’s no chance of blocking its passage, but solidarity with the students will show them and the public that support for Democracy is not dead.


First Blue Jean Nation gathering! Next Saturday in Neenah–register now!

Register now for next Saturday, February 20, when the Blue Jean Nation–Wisconsin’s politically aware and politically homeless community-minded citizens–will gather in Neenah for a good, old-fashioned revival.  There is so much that needs reviving – from democracy to concern for the common good, from the American Dream to the Wisconsin Idea and our state’s maverick spirit.
Count on great speakers, great conversation, great networking and, above all, empowerment to turn our state around and put us back on the path to liberty, justice, and economic security for all.

Detailed information and a registration form are at this link.

Celebrate clean lakes and water in Madison this weekend – Lake Mendota at the Edgewater

Dane County’s Clean Lakes Alliance is sponsoring the Frozen Assets Festival this weekend to celebrate Dane County’s lakes and our collective efforts to protect and improve water quality in our local lakes, rivers and wetlands.  The event runs from 10AM to 3PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Everything is free, but donations will be accepted. The fundraising party on Saturday night has an admission fee–but it’s sold out anyway–yay! FrozenAssets

Free activities include:

  • Sleigh rides;
  • North American Ice Shanty Design & Build Contest – shanties on display;
  • Ice fishing demos, Ice science lab, and historic ice boat “Mary B”;
  • Figure skating and speed skating performances, Madison Capitols slap-shot, and mascot DC Eagle;
  • Ice-skating rink access, broomball on the lake, and skating with Olympic gold medalist Casey FitzRandolph;
  • Meet Disney Princess Elsa, plus other kids’ activities and face painting;
  • Hot chocolate and s’mores on the lake;
  • and more: Check the schedule here.


Worst ‘trade’ deal in US history to be signed today. We must prevent Congressional ratification.

Until fairly recently, most of us believed that if the US were ever to sign a treaty conceding Americans’ right to make and enforce our own laws–that is, our freedom to exercise our right to self-government–it would be a surrender treaty at the end of a losing war. And we were not going to let that happen.

But over the past few years, our federal government (both Republican and Democratic administrations) has been negotiating such a treaty with global corporations (not citizens) , which is being signed today in New Zealand. It cannot go into effect unless Congress ratifies it, but if it does, private international tribunals will have new powers to, among other things, force state and local governments to pay damages for ‘lost profits’ to companies whose conduct we seek to regulate. The TPP will impair our ability to regulate our own worker’s rights and wages, environmental protections, Internet freedom and online creativity, food safety and agriculture, healthcare and financial regulation (including controls over the flow of capital), and much more.


We all need to stay on top of this, educate our friends and neighbors, and be prepared to take action. Even if you’re already familiar with the issues, review this succinct video from Robert Reich, to polish your talking points!